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Everything you need to spice up your sex life

What is Dirty Dares Game about?

The game consists of bidding sexual challenges divided into four levels of difficulty. From the simplest ones related to touching, kissing and undressing, to tasks that will ignite your lusts and make the time spent with DDG an unforgettable experience.

Do you know another game where there are no losers?

Dirty Dares Game is a game that removes taboos between players, opens and can surprise you throughout its duration.

LOVE version

Version intended for two players or couples who want to spice up their ways of spending erotic time together.

Do you think you’ve tried everything or are you looking for a way to realize your sexual fantasies?

The LOVE version will make your sexual life come to a higher level.

PARTY version

Version designed for three or more players who want to entertain themselves in a larger group.

Do you want to spend amazingly exciting time with your friends? Do you want to make the time spent together not an ordinary “fun”?

The PARTY version is an addition to the basic version of the game, which uses in sexual interaction more than just one partner, and in some situations even the whole group.


The first erotic game only for men!

Say hello to Dirty Dares Game – LOVE version

The game in its basic version includes:

  • over 250 challenge cards divided into 4 levels of difficulty,
  • over 40 cards of prizes and penalties,
  • over 30 fantasy cards,
  • betting cards,
  • game board for counting points,
  • rules of the game along with alternative options.

If you want to know more about the LOVE version – feel free to ask.



The first party erotic game only for men!

Get ready for the Dirty Dares Game add-on – the PARTY version

The PARTY add-on includes:

  • over 150 question cards,
  • over 100 new challenge cards,
  • over 20 reward cards and penalties,
  • over 20 fantasy cards,
  • observer cards,
  • rules of the game along with alternative options.

If you want to know more about the PARTY version – feel free to ask.



Why me and why Dirty Dares Game?

Hey! My name is Sebastian and I am a person with the soul of an artist who was always looking for a way to manifest his creativity.
I’ve always liked all kinds of games – board games, card games and computer games. So I thought, why not try to connect games with sexuality?

The first version of the game, you can believe it or not, was created in Excel years ago. The game consisted of playing poker, only the reward was to draw a challenge for yourself or for the partner (of course, the sheet was so complicated that he chose the task according to the level at which we were).

We spent time with our partner, lots of beautiful and intense evenings and nights. The game has evolved to the printed version, which my friends noticed, and they inspired me to share Dirty Dares Game with you!


Support Dirty Dares Game!

This is a one-person project with difficult financing methods (erotic game for gays), but I want to do it professionally.

Thanks to your support, I will be able to lower the final price of the game (more print), spend it not only in Polish and pay for illustrations or card photos.

If you believe in its success and want to help me release it – use the button below. I will be extremely grateful for all your support, and if the amount you support the Dirty Dares Game project will be:

equal to or higher than 30 GBP, then:

– you will receive the LOVE version shortly after its release.

equal to or higher than 50 GBP, then:

– you will get the LOVE version and the PARTY version right after its release.

equal to or higher than 70 GBP, then:

– you will receive the LOVE version and the version of PARTY after its release, and your fantasy will be on the fantasy cards in the game.

If you have an idea how to improve the game – write. Thank you in advance for your support!

Dirty Dares Game available soon!

LOVE version for 2 players


Planned release date – AUTUMN 2019

PARTY version for 3+ players


Planned release date -WINTER 2019

I invite you to follow the progress on:

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Alternative versions of the game


It often happens that you would like to play, but the whole game takes quite a bit of time. Therefore, in each version, I’ll give you some alternative ways to play.

In the basic version, the game involves bidding challenges, which makes the game longer, but introduces the interaction element before the task is completed.

One way to shorten the playing time is to choose a task for yourself or a partner, as it is in the round of questions – from two randomly drawn cards. In the manual, give an example of the number of rounds on individual levels.

What about the points in this case?

If you choose a task for yourself and do it – you earn a point, if the partner performs the task chosen by you – he scores a point. Otherwise, the point gets “opponent”. Simple?

I will give you the next alternative game, but there is nothing to prevent you from inventing your way to play.

Wonderful weekend!


PS. If you want to support my project and by the way be one of the first having a game – I invite you HERE!

July 11th, 2019|

Challenges for the PARTY version

I am coming back after a short health break and I am working on challenges to the PARTY version, which is supposed to be about 100 (20-25 per level) – a part intended for 3 and more players and a part for 4 and more players. In the former, each challenge involves the participation of three people, in the latter case all players are required for the challenges.

Sample level 1 quest for 3+ players:
“Choose two players who will perform erotic dance for you”

Example task for 4+ players:
“Kiss each player, the one who has badly kissed, pulls one thing off – you decide”

Ahead of me, there are fantasy cards, prizes and penalties, and you can start the tests.

If you have any suggestions for tasks, please let me know!

July 9th, 2019|

Minor changes to the bidding rules

The betting cards bring some confusion and lengthen the playing time, so the final version will only be available as a variant of the game.

The auction will only take place on black cards and will be public.

Red cards will be “prizes” for the appropriate number of points.

This way of playing adds dynamism and shortens the duration of each stage – more time to play 🙂


May 28th, 2019|