//Alternative versions of the game

Alternative versions of the game


It often happens that you would like to play, but the whole game takes quite a bit of time. Therefore, in each version, I’ll give you some alternative ways to play.

In the basic version, the game involves bidding challenges, which makes the game longer, but introduces the interaction element before the task is completed.

One way to shorten the playing time is to choose a task for yourself or a partner, as it is in the round of questions – from two randomly drawn cards. In the manual, give an example of the number of rounds on individual levels.

What about the points in this case?

If you choose a task for yourself and do it – you earn a point, if the partner performs the task chosen by you – he scores a point. Otherwise, the point gets “opponent”. Simple?

I will give you the next alternative game, but there is nothing to prevent you from inventing your way to play.

Wonderful weekend!


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